Dive Calgary divers begin training on one and three meter springboards. Front, back, reverse, inward, twister and armstand – the diver’s arsenal of six main dive directions to which rotations or twists are added and degrees of difficulty are increased – are patiently taught one stage at a time by his or her team coach.

Charlie Tu, Head Coach Charlie has won numerous international events as a diver as well as the Chinese national championship.  As a coach, he was trained in China and has been working with the CAMO diving club since 2009.  His success in the Canadian system is reflected in the results of his divers highlighted by an international gold medal by his athlete.  Charlie brings strong discipline and work ethic to our divers in here in Calgary.
 Rommel Kong, Coach Rommel is from the Philippines and used to compete internationally both in Gymnastics and Diving from 1985 to 1995. He coach the national diving team back in the Philippines from 1997 to 2008 but decided to work here in Calgary and started as a temporary contract worker at A&W Restaurant until he stumbled upon searching the website of Dive Calgary which gives him the opportunity to share his talent in coaching and continue his passion for the sport that gives him the feeling of “Home Sweet Home” Rommel started to work as a volunteer coach with RMDC. His special skills in spotting on belt and manual on dry land exercises to make young talented divers to learn and develop the skills of somersaulting and twisting is a great asset for the club (thanks to the experience which he learned and developed from years of training in China).His stint during his active years in Philippine Diving includes as a FINA Diving Judge from 2003 to 2008.
Ruby Tang (Coach & Program Coordinator)
Ruby is originally from Hong Kong now studying at the Mount Royal University. She became a member of the Hong Kong National Gymnastics Team when she was 9, but unfortunately had to withdraw from the sport after suffering an injury. She took up diving at 14 and won several gold medals at the HK Open Diving Competition in 2003 – 2005. Ruby would like to share her experience in sports with young children and hopefully bring up their confidence and discipline. She is looking to upgrade her coaching skills through practice and interaction. She has competed her NCCP Instructor-Beginner Certification.   


Dive Calgary is looking for an assistant coach.  If you are qualified and interested, send your resume to