Position:                    High Performance Coach, Dive Calgary Sport Society

Reports to:                Director of Diving Operations - Dive Calgary Sport Society

Organizations:          Dive Calgary Sport Society

Location:                    Repsol Sport Centre / Brookfield YMCA (Both 10M Facilities) - Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Club Purpose:

To operate a club dedicated to the sport of diving, to identify and develop potential diving talent and to promote the training and development of competitive high-performance divers at the provincial, national, and international level.

To continue the rich tradition of Olympians (9) and National Team Members (32) 

Role Dimensions:

  • Elite knowledge in Biomechanics, Anatomy, Strength and Power Training, Growth and Development, Motivation & Goal Setting, Mental Preparation for Competition, Annual Training Programs and Technical Knowledge of both Dive Canada and the FINA Rule Books.
  • Develop and maintain a strong safety culture for the athletes.
  • Good/clear communication skills and behaviours that work with many stakeholders: Boards of Directors, Coaching Staff, Students, Parents, DPC, Facilities and other externally facing groups.


  • Build and manage a diver development structure for Groups A, B and Open in an environment that develops champion provincial, national and Canadian National Team members.
  • Ability to deliver world class training to a group of selected athletes who demonstrate potential to become international podium contenders.
  • An effective communicator, with demonstrated ability to influence and manage many internal and external interfaces successfully.
  • Individual with strong personal values for safety and respect for people.

Expressions of Interest with resume/CV submitted to:



The High-Performance Coach in collaboration with the Director of Operations will oversee adherence to the Dive Calgary Sport Society mission statement.  In general, the High-Performance Coach will be responsible for all coaching, athlete development, competition attendance, and training equipment and safety.  Specific responsibilities include:

High-Performance Leadership:

  • Develop a strong and robust health and safety culture in the club for the athletes and coaches.
  • Demonstrate and lead a respectful and supportive environment free of bullying/ harassment, and where athletes clearly understand what is expected of them.
  • Develop measurable annual training programs utilizing scientific training and planning programs and documentation.
  • Inspire and motivate the athletes and coaches to perform at their best.
  • Create an environment where the athletes enjoy themselves.
  • Provide a pathway to National Team or University Scholarship Programs.

Athlete Management:

  • Manage safety of the diving environment in accordance with facility requirements – including but not limited to development and management of a safety system/process including a visible and well managed checklist. Address safety issues in a timely manner to the Director of Operations.
  • In conjunction with Director of Operations and assistant coaches, plan the training and competition schedule for the competitive diving club groups.
  • Engage competitive diving parents at least once per year on season goals (including competitions) and as required during the season. Parents must be made aware of competitions and associated details as early as possible, and in some cases may influence decisions.
  • Develop/oversee a curriculum of sequential skill development for the athletes including: dry land motor skills, board work, entry progressions, appropriate dive progressions/lists per diver.
  • Attend Board of Directors meetings as required.
  • Engage relevant items to the Director of Operations as appropriate.
  • Abide by Dive Calgary Sport Society codes of conduct.
  • Monitor athlete progress and talent ID (working with the Dive Calgary Director of Operations).
  • Travel to competitions with the athletes /teams or assign appropriate coaches. Ensure welfare and safety of the athletes is the top priority of the club.
  • Work with the Director of Operations (immediate supervisor) and the Dive Calgary Program Manager, whose responsibilities include program development (including cost), participant management/payment, competition booking (including travel/accommodation/chaperone), parent engagement, coach/pool schedule management, coaching mentor for recreational programs, facility liaison, facility safety, on-deck management, and professionalism – among others.
  • Support the development of meaningful annual budgets and financial updates